The First Post!

Right, so the blog is now up and running, and if it goes well will hopefully take over as the front page on the website. In order for it to work it needs you to update it showing what you have got up to at LGC or other clubs, and achievements you have made or just general gliding stuff. Hopefully you should all have received and email invite to join as an ‘author’ which means you can add comments, photos, videos etc. If you haven’t email Dan C and he’ll invite you in.

So now it’s up to you….

In other news congratulations to Rhoan to achieved his silver distance the other day with a flight to HusBos … and nearly to Dan I who was about 5 mins short of his 5 hours! For those of you working towards bronze and silver it’s a good time to get your duration flights done … remember it’s 2x flights of 1 hour on an A/T (or 30mins off the winch), 1x 1 hour flight and 1x 2 hour flight for XC endorsement and 5 hours for silver.

In the meantime some of the UK Juniors have created ‘Junior Gliding TV’ which has various flying videos which is worth a check out on youtube. So far there are 3 videos…….