So what’s been happening?

Well for all of you who were at the Regional’s it all seemed to go well and your help was very much appreciated. The Director has asked me to thank you all for your hard work (although he was a little drunk when he told me but presume he meant it!) which meant that it took all of the worry out of the little jobs behind the scenes. Hopefully you had a good time and ready for next year!

Whilst the Regionals were on some of the cadets were down flying the Junior Championships at Lasham. They seemed to get a good comp out of it too with ex-cadet Ryan coming 11th overall (and winning the last day by over half an hour), Bradley in at 14th, Stefan at 19th (coming 3rd on day 2) and Greg 26th overall. A good effort all around. The Juniors next year falls on the same date, with the venue to be announced, and is open to any Junior pilot who has their silver C – something which a few of you should be thinking about next year.

Hopefully i can persuade a couple of cadets to update the blog about these comps … watch this space.

In other news – congratulations to Clym who was sent solo by Robin last week (see below) and Joe who was signed off on his PA1 which means he no longer needs check flights.

Dan also had the opportunity to fly with a few of you last week to see how you are getting on. Please remember that you do have 3 cadet mentors at LGC and we will try to fly with you when we can. If you book a session at a weekend for example, please let us know and if we can we will come over and fly with you.

To finish, a picture of the cadets hard at work(?) on the grid at the Regionals.

Photo courtesy of Blacknosugar

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