New Cadet Year is fast approaching…

The new cadet year starts in March and so soon the current cadets will be asked to re-validate their cadet membership. When you receive an email from Robin or Dan (and not before!) there is an electronic form on the ‘New Cadet Info’ page that will need to be completed. In order to renew you will have to meet the criteria set out on the ‘New Cadet Info’ page. You will then receive a further email letting you know if you are eligible to stay on the scheme. There is a chance that we will then chat to you about how you have got on in the last year, and how to progress in the coming year.

For those of you who have applied to join the cadet scheme we are currently going through your applications and you will find out around mid February if you can be offered a place. If you are successful there will be an introduction day in March (date TBC) where you will be invited to come up to the club with your parents/guardians to meet the cadet instructors, the current cadets and have your first flights as cadets yourselves.

In other news, a few of you seem to have been enjoying the wintry conditions to take advantage  of some flying with different types of views.



Pics nicked from Ryan!