Cadet Introduction Day – Sunday March 31st

This year’s Cadet Introduction day will be on Sunday March 31st, starting at 0900 in the Withall Briefing Room.
If you can attend, please do so, and join us for the short briefing at 0900 in the Withall Briefing room. Old Cadets should then show the new Cadets around the club and explain some of the things they need to know. The new Cadets and parents have to complete paperwork and parents will probably leave around 1000. They can stay and watch if they want.
We have a K21 booked for Cadet use all day. The idea is to give each new Cadet their first gliding lesson, so old cadets may not get an opportunity to fly but should help make the day for the new ones. Robin shall be around all day and helping will be Ryan in the morning and Dan in the afternoon.
At some point in the day we will have the 2013 Cadet Team picture.
We will try and finish by 5pm and then have a wash up in the Club Bar and if you haven’t already advised them, let the new Cadets know where to go from here.
Parents should plan to collect you all around 6pm. The bar will be open by then and they would be welcome to join us for a chat.
The weather forecast is suggesting a very cold day in prospect, so make sure you come prepared with plenty of warm clothes.
See you all on Sunday.

Lots of Stuff…


Have you applied for a bursary yet to fund your flying? If not, why not!? We have been telling you throughout the winter of the different options. However, there seems to still be plenty of money out there as there have been some deadlines extended. Take a look at the link below and get applying!

It is well worth applying and you all stand a good chance! Dan C got over £1500 to help finance his flying whilst he was a cadet from various organisations, as did Ryan and Stefan.

New Cadet Day

Hopefully everyone who has been successful in applying to join the scheme has now heard and has been invited to the new cadet introduction day on Easter Sunday (31st March). The day will start at 9am in the Withall Briefing Room with introductions and then out onto the airfield to have your first flights and help with ground operations. The day will finish around 6pm.

Current cadets – please come along and introduce yourselves to the new guys and show them the ropes on the airfield.

And now for a random video – this time made by Stefan a couple of years back.

There is a link in the top right hand corner to various other gliding vids too…