Free £££’s

Well done to Bradley and Emily who have both been awarded a significant amount of money from the Royal Aero Club Trust to help with their progress over the coming season. Bradley’s I expect will be to further his cross country flying and Emily’s to complete bronze and cross country endorsement! Well done to both.

Make sure you keep an eye out for when the bursary applications open again as there is a lot of money out there which people are willing to give to up and coming young pilots to further their skills (especially handy when you get to cross county endorsement which normally  involves an expensive trip in the motor glider).

The New Cadet Season has arrived!

So, the new cadets have now been inducted and now, as per tradition, here are the mugshots!

CharlieBrown2013 ClemAllen2013 HarryRoberts2013 LewisClapp2013 LouieMesser2013

Charlie Brown         Clem Allen            Harry Roberts           Lewis Clapp            Louie Messer

SamGreen2013  SammyVenables2013 SteveNorton2013

Sam Green     Sammy Venables      Steve Norton

Welcome to the new cadets and enjoy your gliding for the coming year! Each new cadet had an introductory flight around the skies of Dunstable and are now ready to enjoy continuing their training. All the other pics of the older cadets can be seen on the ‘Images’ pages on the cadet website.

Keeping Up to Date

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