A Good Year So Far!

Thanks for your help during the Regionals. The cadets help was much appreciated by the competition team and the pilots. It appeared you all had fun, with a lot of you camping over. If you enjoyed it then there are 2 comps being held at LGC next year – the Regionals and the Club Class Nationals where I’m sure the cadets help will be in much need and obviously, another opportunity to camp over and socialise.

Also well done to the cadets who flew in the Regionals – Stefan (who came 2nd in the red class!), Greg and Rhoan. Whilst the Regionals were on at LGC, Bradley was flying the Juniors at Nymsfield, finishing in a very credible place.

There have also been a lot of achievements too in the  last couple of months – from type conversions, bronze badges and silver legs. There are far too many to name individually but well done to all. The achievements page on the main website is now up to date and names everyone individually.

The picture today shows the cadets relaxing after a hard days work during the comp!


Photo by Richard Cooper

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