Clem’s First Solo


Dec 29th; A bright clear day and ideal conditions for a first solo. Well done Clem, a perfect circuit followed by an excellent landing.


Merry Christmas!


Bronze Lectures

For any of you looking to complete your bronze in the coming season then the annual ‘lectures’ to help you get through the written multiple choice exams will be running at the start of 2014. If you are interested please put your name on the notice board opposite the bar.

A link to the dates can be found here.


UK Juniors Season Review.

The latest installment from UK Junior Gliding TV…




New Applications


Wanting to be part of this motley crew? If you are looking at joining the cadet scheme we are now taking new applications, and have a few already. Take a look through the blog and the ‘New Cadet Info’ page on the main website and fill out an electronic application form. We will then get back to in February/March time.


A Couple of Updates…


A few more achievements recently. Well done to you all!I know Harry has converted to the K23 and at the annual prize giving Emily was awarded as ‘Best Ab Initio’ and Tom R with ‘Promising Young Pilot’. I’ve updated the achievements page with those that I know of. If I have missed anything then please let me know.


It’s that time of year again where many organisations are splashing their cash on young glider pilots wanted to progress their skills and qualifications. I’ve been privy to over £2000 from various very generous people over the time of my cadet ship so you really are stupid if you don’t apply yourself!! Take a look at the links on the main website and have a chat with Robin or Dan if you need any help. I’ve had a look at some and applications are already open so there is no point in hanging around.

EASA Licences 

I’m sure you are all aware that in order to fly in 2015 you will need a new EASA license (either a Sailplane Pilots License or a Light Airplane Pilots License (Sailplanes)). Now if that has you confused already Andy Roch will be holding a workshop on Sunday (15th December) at 0930 to explain all. Basically if you have a Bronze badge and XC endorsement (or expect to get them in the next few months) then it is probably worth you attending this workshop. Any issues, then speak to Robin or Dan who maybe able to help you through it.

Cadet Renewals

Early next year will be time for you to renew your cadet membership. At the moment you don’t have to do anything until you get an email. So in the meantime enjoy your flying over the winter and make sure you keep current! Hopefully there will be a string of hill soarable days to come!

Today’s pic is Harry about to go off in the K23 for the 1st time!