Re-validation and New Applications

For the current cadets it’s time to start the re-validation process. Please fill out the electronic form (link below). We need this form back to us ASAP but no later than Sunday 9th February.

Cadet Re-validation Form

For anyone who is still wanting to apply you still have a couple of days to do so. All you need to do is take a look at the main website and if it takes your fancy fill out the electronic form which can be found on the following page:

New Cadet Info

If you have already applied the decisions will soon be made as to who will be invited to the Cadet Selection Days, You will find out by the end of February if you have been successful.

Cadet Re-validation and Cadet Day


Don’t forget that your cadet membership runs until the end of March, not January like the rest of the club members.

In order to reapply as a cadet for the up and coming season you will need to have successfully done the following:

* Still be in full time education at the start of the cadet year

* Have shown a commitment to your gliding over the past year

* Have helped for a week during the summer

* Have had a sit down chat with Robin and/or Dan

* Have filled out a reapplication form

In the meantime enjoy your flying and you will get an email when it’s time to reapply and fill out there-application form.


We are hoping to have a get together on the Friday during the February half term (21st). Hopefully Robin and Dan will be available to fly with anyone wanting instructing and plenty of single seaters will be able to be flown.


Don’t forget to apply for those bursaries! A new scholarship, the ‘Philip Wills Memorial Fund’ has been made available for junior pilots. All the links to the full details and application forms ¬†are on the main website.

Today’s picture was taken by Robin, flying with fog over the Chilterns.

photo (3)