More Winter Series Info

Just an update on the last post. The weekend will be focusing on young pilot development, whether it be getting into XC flying or simply progressing to the next step.

There should be plenty of 2 seater flying opportunities however you will need to sign up to the Facebook event to keep fully up to date and stand a chance of being able to fly one of the 2 seaters which will be set aside.

Follow the link here to the event, ,or if you’re not on Facebook let Robin or Dan know and we will make sure that you are still in contention.

Juniors Winter Series @ LGC!

1150824_517223585028201_390809168_nThe Juniors Winter Series comes to LGC on the 26th & 27th April.

The visit to LGC is mainly aimed at early XC pilots looking to progress their flying skills, and maybe achieve their silver and 100k diploma. There will also be tasks for those a little bit more experienced at XC flying. However, this will be a very good social event with plenty of junior glider pilots coming from around the country to fly at LGC. It will also give you the feel for the XC experience and what it would be like to fly at the Junior Nationals (which  you will hopefully be able to do soon).

For more information on the winter series then make sure you follow the Juniors Facebook page (link on the column on the right hand side).

If you are not quite at the level to take part in the flying organised for the Winter Series then why not book a slot in a K21 and ask your instructor to do something similar, even if it’s a short task in the local area.

Inter Club Cadet Challenge 2014!

The next competition has now been confirmed as taking place on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th August at LGC and will be between cadets from LGC, Bicester and Oxford. It falls the week after the Regionals so gives you an excuse for a few more days camping at the club! Visitors will be arriving on the Tuesday to set up camp and for a social evening.

At the moment the we are still in the planning stages and still looking for ideas for the competition. If you have any ideas then let Dan or Robin know.

More details coming soon…

Meanwhile, here’s some pics from last years comp.

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Up & Coming Events.


There is a ‘cadet day’ coming up during half term next week. It will be a good opportunity to catch up with everyone and have a day of flying. Also, Robin and Dan will explain the changes to the cadet scheme this year so, please make it if you can! Not only that you will also be able to have your one on ones as part of the re-validation process.


The emails have gone out to those who have been invited to join the scheme this year. If you are one of them and have not emailed back please do so ASAP as we will soon be inviting someone on the reserve list to take your place if we do not hear from you. The new cadets will have their first flights and introductions to LGC. It would be nice to see as many current cadets around as possible to welcome the new guys and teach them about the airfield operations etc.

No pic for a while, so here’s one of the launch point during a winter’s day.