Winter Series @ LGC

1150824_517223585028201_390809168_nThe entry form has been released on the Facebook page, so if you want to take part, either in your own glider, or to get your name as a potential P2, you will need to sign up.

Another option is to sign up on the normal booking slot to guarantee a flight.

Dan Smith Aerobatic Trophy.

1620939_10153882825930173_442553972_nThe Dan Smith Aerobatic Trophy takes place at LGC on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April. The organisers have asked for Cadet help over the weekend to help launch and retrieve the gliders involved in the competition.

If you are able to then please pop along to the airfield. It should be a good weekend and you will be able to see for yourselves what a K21 is really capable of!

Tom Walker will be the ‘lead’ cadet over the weekend, so if you meet up with him he will be able to direct you to what needs doing.

Welcome to the New Cadets!

Welcome to the new cadets who each an introductory flight around the skies of Dunstable and are now ready to enjoy continuing their training. Enjoy your gliding for the coming year!

All the other pics of the older cadets can be seen on the ‘Images’ pages on the cadet website.

Keeping Up to Date.

Just a quick re-blog of some useful links from last year:


The blog will be the main way of updating you with any cadet news and upcoming events so make sure you keep checking it! If you have a bad memory or are likely to forget there is a link on the right hand side where you can insert your email address and you will be emailed whenever there is an update on here. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS! Also, please make sure Robin and Dan have your updated email address so that we can email you any information as is necessary.

E-mail Updates:

Signing up to the LGC mailing lists is essential for all the up to date information: (you will need your membership number)

The British Gliding Association also have a variety of mailing lists that you may be interested in (eg. updates on Junior gliding).

Weekend Online Booking:

Facebook pages:

LGC Cadet page:

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UK Cadets page:

There are also links to the public LGC page, UK Junior Gliding and BGA pages on the right hand side.

LGC Weather Page

Team Photo!


Junior Gliding

As well as Robin and Dan at LGC, some experienced ‘Junior’ pilots from around the UK are offering advice for gliding related matters, and in particular, regarding the Junior nationals. The Juniors who are looking after matters in the South, which includes LGC, are Steve Pozerskis and Luke Dale.

If you want to contact them then their details can be found on the following link: