First outlanding


Bradley earns the dubious distinction of being the first to land the new cadet glider in a field. The field was fine, the glider was fine, the pilot was really pissed off. Look at the sky and you can see why.

ASW19 – HCV is officially ours

The purchase of the glider was completed yesterday. Dan and I will try and fly the glider this week as a prelude to the new cadet syndicate getting their hands on it. Hopefully this Saturday onwards which conveniently is the start of most of your half term holidays.

All the relevant manuals are available for download from the Cadet website. I would suggest all potential syndicate members read the flight manual, the Tasman vario manual and the radio manual as a minimum before you will be able to fly it. There will also be some training in rigging/de-rigging and preparing the glider for flight during the half term week. Times TBA

Cadet Glider!!

A very generous club member has bought a glider for the cadets!

The glider is a well equipped ASW19b and should be available in the next few weeks.

We are hoping that this should enhance your opportunities at being able to fly cross country and will be made available for you to fly in your first competitions (such as the Juniors).

There are some requirements for you to fly it, and these will be made available in the next few weeks. However, we are looking for a syndicate of cadets who want to fly and look after the glider. If you are interested please let Robin know.




Well, it’s been a good few weeks for the cadets!

The Winter Series, despite the pretty rubbish weather, was a success and hopefully gave those of you who attended the chance to see what Junior social events are like! Hopefully, you got to meet lots of juniors (and slightly older ones) from other clubs. Maybe you should plan on flying the Juniors at some point and having a week photolong social event!

There have been some good achievements too recently. Well done to everyone who have completed their PA1, and those on course with their bronzes and silvers. Also congratulations to Tom Walker, who cam first on both flying days in the Novice Class at the Interclub League!

Remember that to those of you that have your temporary membership, you have a couple more weeks to show that you will be eligible to stay on for the remainder of the year. There will soon be a form circulated in relation to this, please fill this out and return it ASAP.