Unscheduled visit to Turweston

Clem’s Cross Country endorsement flight resulted in a diversion to Turweston as huge showers closed Dunstable. All part of the test! Anyway, after a pleasant lunch, Clem completed the endorsement by flying back to Dunstable with practice landings in a number of fields on the way back.



So Tuesday was Bronze test done and Saturday X/C Endorsement done. Well done Clem. The ASW19 gets closer.


Well done Emily

Last Thursday’s good weather allowed Emily Tillett to complete her Silver Distance and Silver Duration in one flight. She flew a K23 to Watford Gap and back. The outbound leg qualified for her Silver Distance, she then flew back to Dunstable and hung around for her first 5 hour flight. The flight may also qualify for the 100km diploma. Image


She will soon get to fly the Cadet ASW19, then who knows what she will do.