Dunstable Cadets win the 2014 Cadet Challenge

The final scoreboard looks like this


Dunstable B team (Sammy, Harry, Chris and Laurence) won 3 of the 5 events and produced a good win. Dunstable A (Liam, Eddie, Katie and Simon) were second with Oxford third and Bicester fourth.

CCWinners2014Well done guys


Cadet Challenge 2014 – Dunstable B Team take first day


 Dunstable B Team (Harry, Sammy, Laurence and Chris) reaching the finish point on top of Dunstable Downs. They trounced the opposition with a time of just over 12 minutes from Tug Hangar to Downs Car Park carrying a large trestle, a heavy wing dolly a bucket of water (of which most made it to the top) and all joined together with an aero-tow rope. A great performance – well done guys.

Joe Roberts – first landout

Joe went for an attempt at his 100k diploma yestreday but, due to a combination of a strong wind and poor gliding weather, landed out after turning the first turn-point at Bedford.  Joe picked a lovely field for his first landout, a large and flat stubble field.  A good first experience!



Joe Roberts – completed silver

Yesterday Joe Roberts did an O/R to Charwelton in HCV to complete his silver badge.  His flight qualified for his distance and height gain.  Well done Joe!


Joe finishing after his successful flight


Chris Lodge – First Solo


Despite some thunderstorms and heavy rain at times, Chris found enough time to do his first solo in FBV on August 14th. He then did two more solo flights in a K21 before a first flight in a K23. All that on his 14th birthday. Well done Chris.