Dunstable Cadets win the 2014 Cadet Challenge

The final scoreboard looks like this


Dunstable B team (Sammy, Harry, Chris and Laurence) won 3 of the 5 events and produced a good win. Dunstable A (Liam, Eddie, Katie and Simon) were second with Oxford third and Bicester fourth.

CCWinners2014Well done guys

Cadet Challenge 2014 – Dunstable B Team take first day


 Dunstable B Team (Harry, Sammy, Laurence and Chris) reaching the finish point on top of Dunstable Downs. They trounced the opposition with a time of just over 12 minutes from Tug Hangar to Downs Car Park carrying a large trestle, a heavy wing dolly a bucket of water (of which most made it to the top) and all joined together with an aero-tow rope. A great performance – well done guys.