Club clear up day

Many thanks to those cadets who came to the club clear up day last weekend. Thanks to the combined effort of cadets and other club members the bonfire is now the biggest it has been for a long time.  It should be impressive on bonfire night! Here are some photos of the cadets having fun at the clear up day.


Liam trying to reach branches that are eye level for most of us.



Tom discovers that the dumper truck will only go backwards.


Upcoming Events

Saturday 18th October – Autumn Clean Up Day

The next cadet workday coincides with the annual clean up day. If you can make it you will be joining the other members with finding odd jobs which will help in tidying the club and building the bonfire ready for fireworks night!

Half Term

During this week Dan and Robin will be available for anyone who wants to come along for some instruction, or pop along for a social event. We will keep an eye on the weather  and let you know the best days to come. There maybe some 19 flying opportunities too, especially if the hill is working!

Saturday 8th November

Fireworks night!



Again this year loads of organisations are giving away mega pounds to aspiring young glider pilots. Make sure you apply!!

All the details are on the sponsorship page on the main website. If you need any help seek out Robin or Dan who can advise you on the best way to apply.

Bronze Badge

Lowered Age for Bronze Badge

The BGA has confirmed that in order to apply for a Bronze badge you now only need to be 14, rather than the 16 it was previosuly, which will give some of you have a recently gone, and those that are closed to going, solo something to aim for.

In order to qualify for bronze you need to:

  • Have 50 solo flights or 20 solo flights and 10 hours total flying time
  • Complete a series of ‘flight tests’ with a Full Cat (ideally Robin or Dan)
  • Complete a ground multiple choice exam
  • Complete two of either 1 hour solo from an A/T or 30 mins from a winch launch.

More information can be found in Laws and Rules:

Click to access LR2012Part2GliderPilotCertification.pdf

In order to qualify for the XC endorsement you still need to be 16 but gives you plenty of time to get ready!