New Cadet Instructor!

Andy Mills has joined Robin and Dan to become one of the cadet instructors. Andy is a previous cadet and is currently a pilot with Thomas Cook. If you see him around, introduce yourself and have a chat. He is keen to have a fly with as many of you as possible, so take him up on his offer if he asks to ‘jump in the back’.

Along with helping instruct with you guys, Andy will be assisting Robin and Dan with the cadet selection process, as well as helping organise cadet activities such as the new cadet induction day and ‘cadet days’ during the school holidays.

Now for a compulsory embarrassing photo! Here’s Andy about to go for a flight with Robin back in his cadet days!


Phillip Wills Memorial Fund Scholorships

There is yet more money up for grabs from some very kind people! The Phillip Wills Scholarships are aimed at Junior pilots who want to advance their post – solo skills such as gaining an aerobatic rating, an instructor rating or to help enter the Regionals/Junior Nationals to name a few.

If you are thinking of applying, please chat to Robin or Dan first who can direct you along the correct path and help you with your application.

The deadline for you application to be in is the 6th March, so there is no need to rush it. There is only a limited number of scholarships up for grabs so you will want to make sure that your application is better than the others!!

For more information, and the application form, take a look at the following link which will lead you to the BGA website: