Cadet Challenge!

The cadet challenge is back for 2016! This year it will be on the 9th and 10th August and will be hosted by Nene Valley Gliding Club at Upwood.

The competition will be between cadets from LGC, Bicester, Cambridge and Nene Valley GCs.

LGC are the current holders of the trophy so let’s make sure that we win it again!

More details to follow….

2014 Cadet Challenge

Welcome to the New Cadets!

Dan Smith Aerobatic Trophy

dansmithThe Dan Smith Aerobatic Trophy takes place at LGC on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April. The organisers have asked for Cadet help over the weekend to help launch and retrieve the gliders involved in the competition.

It should be a good weekend and you will be able to see for yourselves what a K21 is really capable of!

Liam and Eddie are collating names of you that are able to help so please let them know if you want to come along.

Keeping Up To Date

Just a quick re-blog of some useful links from last year:


The blog will be the main way of updating you with any cadet news and upcoming events so make sure you keep checking it! If you have a bad memory or are likely to forget there is a link on the right hand side where you can insert your email address and you will be emailed whenever there is an update on here. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS! Also, please make sure Robin and Dan have your updated email address so that we can email you any information as is necessary.

E-mail Updates:

Signing up to the LGC mailing lists is essential for all the up to date information: (you will need your membership number)

The British Gliding Association also have a variety of mailing lists that you may be interested in (eg. updates on Junior gliding).

Weekend Online Booking:

Facebook pages:

LGC Cadet page:

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UK Cadets page:

There are also links to the public LGC page, UK Junior Gliding and BGA pages on the right hand side.

LGC Weather Page

Junior Nationals 2016

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Junior Championships which will take place at Tibenham from 20th-28th August. As in past years, competition training in two-seater gliders will also be available to young pilots to help prepare then to fly in a rated competition in subsequent years.

Anyone can apply as long as their 26th birthday falls after 2016. A Silver badge is required to fly in the competition but pilots without a Silver can enter now in anticipation of gaining their Silver before the competition starts. If a pilot is uncertain about whether they will gain their Silver before the competition starts, they can apply for both the competition and the training,

Applications for both the competition and the training should be made by 30th April 2016 via the BGA web site at Applications from previously unsuccessful applicants are welcome. Questions about the competition and two-seat training applications should be directed to Andy Cockerell – ls4a535@gmail.comJuniors

Photo taken of the grid at last years comp (sorry, not sure who took it!)

LGC Cadet Dates and Opportunities 2016

Hopefully more will be added as the year goes on so keep an eye on the blog…

Jan 30                    Latest date for re-applying to the scheme

Most important if you want to be part of Cadet scheme in 2016


Feb 5-7                 Juniors Winter Series – The Long Mynd

BGA Juniors event for the senior cadets.


Mar 19                  Cadet Induction day

The day to welcome and induct the new cadets, we will use a similar format to last year. One K21 will be allocated to the cadet team on the day. It is primarily for giving the new cadets a first flight. Please try and come along, it’ll be a chance to meet the new cadets and help them get their first flights.


Apr 15-17             Juniors Winter Series – Nympsfield

BGA Juniors event for the senior cadets.


Jul 30 – Aug 7     Dunstable Regionals

This is the main week of the year which you should try and set aside and plan to be at the club to help with the competition and have a lot of fun in the process. The cadet glider will probably be flying in this comp with some of the senior cadets.


Aug 9-10              Cadet Challenge (Nene Valley G.C.)

An inter club, fun cadet gliding competition, which Dunstable hosted and won last time round. Only provisional at this stage, further details will appear here in due course.


Aug 20-28            Junior Nationals – Tibenham

One lucky cadet will fly the cadet glider in the comp and represent the Dunstable cadets.


Sep 3-24               Llanbedr expedition (TBC subject to airfield commitments)

This is being organised as a general club expedition by Robin and Dan. However, it has been timed to allow cadets to participate before returning to school or university. The Duo Discus and the cadet glider will be there.

New Cadet Instructor!

Andy Mills has joined Robin and Dan to become one of the cadet instructors. Andy is a previous cadet and is currently a pilot with Thomas Cook. If you see him around, introduce yourself and have a chat. He is keen to have a fly with as many of you as possible, so take him up on his offer if he asks to ‘jump in the back’.

Along with helping instruct with you guys, Andy will be assisting Robin and Dan with the cadet selection process, as well as helping organise cadet activities such as the new cadet induction day and ‘cadet days’ during the school holidays.

Now for a compulsory embarrassing photo! Here’s Andy about to go for a flight with Robin back in his cadet days!


Phillip Wills Memorial Fund Scholorships

There is yet more money up for grabs from some very kind people! The Phillip Wills Scholarships are aimed at Junior pilots who want to advance their post – solo skills such as gaining an aerobatic rating, an instructor rating or to help enter the Regionals/Junior Nationals to name a few.

If you are thinking of applying, please chat to Robin or Dan first who can direct you along the correct path and help you with your application.

The deadline for you application to be in is the 6th March, so there is no need to rush it. There is only a limited number of scholarships up for grabs so you will want to make sure that your application is better than the others!!

For more information, and the application form, take a look at the following link which will lead you to the BGA website:

Half Term Wave!

The start of half term produced some nice flying opportunities. Monday gave quite a breezy, and sometimes awkward, wind however Sam started his progress to PA1 with Robin, Chris was cleared to fly solo throughout the week with Dan and Laurence took the opportunity to experience some strong wind conditions with Robin.

Tuesday turned out to be quite a spectacular wave day (for Dunstable standards!) so Chris took a couple of K23 flights to try and get into it. Laurence and Dan had fantastic flight of just over 2 hours soaring the wave whilst a majority of the other club members flew circuits. Laurence then followed this up with his 2nd solo in the afternoon.


Laurence flying in some pretty good wave!