My first post (Simon)

Now how do I use this thing?

I took an aero tow with Daniel to 2000ft, then climbed another 2000ft at Leighton Buzzard. Well put two and two together above Leighton Buzzard and you’ve reached the airspace boundary so we went in the direction of Milton Keynes. Unfortunately, huge amounts of sink gave us little option but to turn back. After all, landing out would make things very tedious. So we went back to a safer position near to the club and practiced trimming and also a bit of lookout. On the ground we had more conversations on how to improve my safety, skill and further necessities. I hope I will remember what he has told me!

I hope this has given some idea of what to post about and thank Daniel for giving up the time to instruct me!

Also, if you haven’t done aerobatics before, try it, but (if you’re a new cadet) perhaps ensure you are confident with heights first.