Ben Wilde – first solo

The day finally arrived for Ben today, he did a very nice first solo in EPD and another soon after. Well done.

Ben after 1


Silver – All in one

Congratulations to Laurence Allen on completing his Silver on Sunday 12th August. The flight was in HCV. The trace below shows the route of the flight and the second diagram the height profile of the flight.


The flight declaration was LBZ – ENS – WOB -DUN, 124km. This flight also qualifies for the 100km Diploma parts 1 and 2 by completing it at a handicapped speed of 68 kph.


This shows the climbs made by Laurence. Having completed the silver distance during the declared flight, he then went down, deliberately, to mark a low point of 1900′ before climbing North of Milton Keynes to 6350′ easily giving him Silver Height. Then landing 5 hours and 10 minutes after take-off gave him the final element, Silver Duration.

As a bonus the flight also qualifies for the BGA 100km diploma. Great flight on a great day.


2 in a week – Grant goes solo

Grant solo

Grant has waited quite awhile for a decent day. Today was the day and he completed his first solo along with another later in the day – well done.


Joe Hooley – solo

JoeH solo

On Tuesday 16th, during half term, Joe completed his first solo, well done Joe.


Nic goes solo


Well done Nic, for completing a very nice first solo flight


Nathan goes solo

Well done to Nathan, who completed his first solo today.



Tombstoning – Cadet Style

Check this out